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Undiscovered Reality Video Contest

Updated on 7/27/2010 04:06:59 PM

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Local youth groups, after-school programs, and/or groups of friends were encouraged to enter the Undiscovered Reality digital video contest. Youth created videos no longer than five minutes that show the reality of issues related to teen pregnancy. ACAP received 7 videos from various groups across the city and judged them based on clarity, content, creativity, and production.

Special thanks goes to the Giving Circle of Hope's Break the Cycle Endowment. They provided generous funding to make this contest possible!

And the Winners Are...

Superstar video thumbnail

1st Place - "Super Star"

This piece revolves around the loss of opportunities of a female teen as she discovers she's pregnant. The protagonist leaves the Alexandria Adolescent Health Center after confirming her pregnancy. Her story then flashback to when she received an athletic scholarship and the events that followed. The video includes original music by Teens of Promise.

Start Your Own Life video thumbnail

2nd Place - "Start Your Own Life Before You Create a Baby"

Listen to local youth answer questions about what they want to be when they're an adult, how old you should be to have a baby, how much time you'd have with a baby, and how much it costs to have a baby. Directed by Henry Torres and Jennifer Zambrano. Starring youth from Community Lodgings, Inc.

Do You Care video thumbnail

3rd Place - "Do You Care?"

This video focuses on different issues youth face and how often they get ignored by society, family, and friends. It asks the pertinent question, "Do you care?" Created by and starring youth from Wholistic Family Agape Ministry Institute's Teen Pregnancy and Prevention Program.

Honorable Mentions

An Inside Look video thumbnail

"An Inside Look"

This video is an interview between two youth, Lamont and Kadijatu. Kadijatu is a teen mom. She discusses what it's like on an average day, the struggles she encounters, and her advise to other teens. Created by and starring Lamont and Kadijatu from Cora Kelly Recreation Center.

Be Safe...Just Wait video thumbnail

"Be Safe...Just Wait"

This video takes place one day after school. Six teens gather to discuss what they learned in school about teen pregnancy and how to stop teen pregnancy. They also discuss how they feel about teen pregnancy. Created by and starring youth from Mt. Vernon Recreation Center.

My Story video thumbnail

"My Story"

This video tells the story of Mike and Cameron. Cameron and Mike are dating and Cameron ends up pregnant. Follow her as she tells Mike and her mom about the unexpected pregnancy. Created by and starring youth from Project Stepout - Hammond Middle School.

Table Talk video thumbnail

"Table Talk"

Two teens and their moms discuss what they learned in school that day about teen pregnancy and how to prevent it from happening. Created by and starring youth from Mt. Vernon Recreation Center.