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Resources for Pregnant & Parenting Teens

Updated on 3/19/2019 02:52:59 PM

Healthy Families

The Healthy Families program provides home visitation services, parenting guidance, and support to first-time pregnant women and vulnerable new families.  Expectant mothers are coached on nutrition and prenatal care to ensure healthy pregnancies.  Once the baby is born, a trained Family Support Worker visits the home once a week to mentor the new parents and monitor the child’s development.  Parents learn about bonding, discipline, communication, play, and age-appropriate activities.  The child receives regular health screenings to ensure proper physical, intellectual, linguistic, social, and emotional development.  Families are referred to additional resources as needed.  All services are free of charge.  The Healthy Families program is organized nationally by Healthy Families America and implemented locally by the Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS).

Resource Mothers

The Resource Mothers program provides mentoring, practical assistance, and social support to pregnant and parenting teen girls.  Community health workers who have already raised children themselves assist new mothers with the transition to parenthood.  Clients receive help and guidance to obtain prenatal care, make healthy choices, and build stable families.  Services begin during the early stages of pregnancy and continue through the child’s first birthday.  The Resource Mothers program is organized statewide by the Virginia Department of Health and operated locally by the Northern Virginia Urban League.

Alexandria Health Department - Public Health Field Nursing

Public Health Field Nurses are Registered Nurses who are experts in the health of mothers and children.  This program is a free and voluntary program that serves residents of the City of Alexandria and provides home visits to eligible pregnant women, teens, newborns, infants, and children.  The Field Nurse will offer information and support to have a health pregnancy and delivery; help with breastfeeding, infant feeding and care of newborn; health and safety teaching including nutrition, infant car seat safety, and infant growth and development; coordination of ongoing health care needs for you and your baby; referrals to local community agencies; and help for you to plan a bright and healthy future for you and your family.  For more information please contact Joanna Hemmat, PHN Supervisor at 703.746.4943.

WIC (The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children)

The WIC program provides nutrition services to pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding women and to infants and children under age 5.  Benefits include nutrition counseling, breastfeeding support, vouchers for healthy foods, and referrals to health care and social services.  All services are provided free of charge.  To be eligible for the WIC program, applicants must meet categorical, residential, and income requirements and must also qualify as nutritionally “at risk.”  WIC is a federal assistance program run by the Food and Nutrition Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  It is operated locally by the Alexandria Health Department.  For more information, contact the Alexandria Health Department at (703) 746-4996 or the Arlandria Health Center at (703) 519-1957.

SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now)

SCAN provides parenting classes, parenting workshops, and educational parent support groups to parents and caretakers throughout northern Virginia.  It also offers developmental playgroups for children aged 5 and under.  SCAN educates families about communication, safety, bonding, discipline, play, nutrition, and many other important topics.  All programs are offered free of charge in both English and Spanish.  There are no eligibility or residency requirements for participation.  SCAN is a non-profit organization serving Alexandria and the surrounding counties.  For more information call (703) 820-9001.


The YoungLives program provides mentoring, community support, and fun opportunities for teenage mothers.  Participants interact one-on-one with a personal mentor and also take part in group activities with other teen moms.  The program offers practical assistance, parenting guidance, and compassionate encouragement.  It also organizes parenting classes, playgroups, club meetings, activities, and summer camp retreats.  YoungLives is a division of the national, non-profit, Christian organization YoungLife.  It is operated locally by the YoungLives regional office in Washington, D.C.  For more information call 571.276.0401 or email Sharon Holland at

Breast Feeding Counselor - Alexandria Health Department

For more information call Catheryn Chino-Lainex, Breast Feeding Counselor, at 703.746.4996

Child Care Options

The City of Alexandria's Child Care Assistance Programs provide funding to enhance the quality, affordability, and supply of child care to Alexandria's children.  For  more information on how to sign up, eligibility and more information, call 703.736.5437. 

The Early Head Start through The Campagna Center provides care for a combination of 60 infants and toddlers (birth - three years old) and expectant mothers. Early Head Start offers comprehensive services--social, physical health, mental health, and nutrition--with an emphasis on the need for intervention at the earliest age.  For more information call 703.549.0111.

Department of Community and Human Services

The Preschool Prevention Team promotes healthy social emotional development of children ages zero to five through a continuum of care that strengthens caregiver-child relationships in collaboration with Alexandria’s early childhood community.

The Parent Infant Education (PIE) program works with City of Alexandria infants and toddlers up to 3 years-old whose physical or mental development is slower than expected, who are diagnosed with a condition likely to result in a delay, or who have a 25% delay in one or more developmental areas.  PIE is part of the Infant Toddler Connection of Virginia.

Child Assessment and Treatment Center for Health (CATCH) provides comprehensive health, dental, developmental and mental health evaluations in a safe child-friendly environment for children aged 0-5 who are involved with Child Protective Services, any age child in foster care and those who are homeless.